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Omaha Wood and Landscaping Products

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Our Wood Products

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Residential and Commercial Wood Products

Walkup Wood Products is the leading provider for mulch and wood products in the Omaha Nebraska area.

We offer several different types of mulch and wood products for home owners, business owners, and contractors.

You can trust that our employees are well trained, our customer service gets us repeat business, and our products are the best you will find in Omaha.

If you are wanting to redo your current landscaping, start a new landscaping project, or have just built a new home, you can rely on us to provide the materials you will need. We have products for home gardens, commercial parking lots and outdoor areas, golf courses, contractor projects, and any other outdoor landscaping projects.

In addition to our wood and landscaping products, we also offer compost and firewood. Pick up your mulch, lumber, firewood, or compost at our warehouse location, or contact us to schedule a delivery.

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Our Service Area

We service all of the Omaha area including Fremont.

We also serve our customers at our location.

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1701 N 252nd Street, Waterloo, NE 68069

(402) 981-5163

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